Developing Beauty Professionals Beyond The Chair

Kaye Flewellen

About Beyond The Chair Coaching

Are you experiencing burnout in the salon? Are you wondering what’s next? Do you feel like you need someone to help you sort through the noise and get clear about your career path? Are you tired of trying to figure it out alone? Do you have a JOB or do you own a business? Even if you are renting a booth, you own the business of beauty…you own your talents, you own your services…YOU OWN YOU! 

There are many classes that teach how to style hair; but who teaches you the “nuts and bolts” of the business? Beyond The Chair Coaching (BTCC) offers a comprehensive series for hairstylists designed to offer proven strategies to give you a competitive edge in the beauty industry that supports a life-long path for success.  

Salon owner of more than 20 years, author and celebrity stylist Kaye Flewellen “The Hair Maven”, will share a practical approach to the business including secrets to longevity and sustainability. Participants will learn how to be competitive in a growing market, gain the tools necessary to build your brand, and increase your cash flow in a soft economy.

"Coaching is the universal language of CHANGE and LEARNING. ~ CNN "


How to build and retain a profitable clientele.

How to market for the client you want.

How to build a successful brand.

How to develop strategic community partnerships to move your business forward.

How to develop a sustainable plan of action.

Also you will learn financial planning: Accounting, taxes, insurance, saving, investments and how to prepare for “rainy days”.


1. Marketing to the client you want.

2. Finding your why?

3. Understanding the brand beyond the logo.

4. Understanding the brand beyond the logo pt 2. (What’s in the name).

5. Understanding the Brand beyond the logo pt 3. (Rebranding)

6. Marketing 101

7. Social Media Marketing

8. Strategic Partnership

9. Customer Service, The winning Edge

10. The Client Consultation

11. The lifetime client

12. Attacking limiting Beliefs

13. Act like a Stylist, but think like a CEO

14. Money Matters

15. Money Matters pt 2- Forecasting

16. Money Matters pt.3 - Business Structure

17. Money Matters pt. 4 - The Dreaded IRS

18. Money Matters pt. 5 - Insurance to Manage Risk

19. The Six Figure Chair

20. Giving yourself a raise. (Retail Add/ons)

21. Be the expert!

22. Education/ Refining your skills

23. Staffing

24. Salon Policies and Procedures/ State Compliance

25. Avoiding the Success Syndrome

26. Discipline... The Final Frontier.

Bonus videos : Unleash The Greatness




limited time INTRODUCTORY offer $199

regular price $389

All 26 videos in series plus bonus videos (value $700)

Access to all the videos in the series. The videos will walk you through the process for establishing a strong foundation for your business and set you up for tremendous growth using proven strategies.

You will learn:

-How to attract your desired client

– How to establish you mission statement

-Gain clarity for your vision

– How to build a sustainable brand

– How to market the brand

– Gain tips and tools for social media marketing

– How to develop strategic partnerships

– How to budget and manage money

– Build a solid customer service experience

– How to position yourself as the expert

– How to attack limiting beliefs

– How to use education to refine your business

– How to build a solid staff

And so much more.

Downloadable worksheets (value $150)

These worksheets will help you to master the content and apply the learning directly to your business.

6 one-on one coaching calls (value $600)

The Coaching calls are designed to individualize the program so that it addresses your specific needs. By taking advantage of the coaching, you will be able to tap into your strengths to maximize your overall performance.

Access to monthly videos chats (via zoom)

This is designed to continue the learning from some guest hosts as well as some direct learning from Kaye Flewellen, The Hair Maven. You will also have the opportunity to hear from other successful business owners via guest appearances! This format allows you to ask questions, learn from and interact with others in the program.

Unlimited email access. If you still have more questions or need additional help to build your business, you will have unlimited access to ask questions via email.


Money matters $139

This package includes a series of 8 videos that will answer all of your money matters(value $300).

The goal of this series is to answer the barrage of questions about financial literacy, debt elimination, budgeting, investing, retirement accounts, savings, insurances, taxes, retail sales, pricing and other money matters.

By answering these questions and offering actionable solutions, you will be able to take some of the stress out of your finances and began to create and maintain the freedom you deserve. 

You will learn:

– How to establish  a financial plan for your business.

– How to plan for retirement.

– How to handle IRS issues.

– How to structure your business 

– How to manage risk with insurance. 

– How to give yourself a raise 

– How to generate a 6 figure income. 


Marketing & Branding $99

This package includes a series of 6 videos that will help you to establish, grow and market your brand. Branding is the key generating a client base while marketing is all that you do to promote your brand. You will gain the tools not only to build your brand but you will also gain proven marketing strategies that will put you on the path to success. It will help to level the playing field for s veteran stylist that is feeling overlooked and the novice stylist that is looking to make s mark in the industry. 

You will learn:

– How to attract your desired client

– How to build a solid brand

– How to establish a brand statement

– The importance of your name

– How to Rebrand 

– Basic Marketing tips 

– Social Media Marketing tips


Customer Service $59

Customer service is the new marketing. This package includes 4 videos (value$160) and designed to help you provide a superior customer experience. 

By Leveling up on the customer experience of your clients will prove to be the most effective marketing strategy you will employ!

The videos that will teach you how to design a customer service module that is congruent with your brand. 

You will learn:

– How to win a client

– How to keep a lifetime client

– How to be more likeable

– Understand what makes a client leave

– The art of dispute resolution 

Success Accelerator

$19.99 monthly or $140 annually

  • Live monthly training
  • Copy of Unleash The Greatness
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Email access
  • Discounts on products and classes
  • Videos – Think like a CEO
  • CEU credits (Texas only)

Bonus: Scholarship for one K Koaching Korner session.

Kaye’s Koaching Korner

Diamond level $300

  • 6 intense customized coaching sessions
  • 3 months access to Success Accelerator

Platinum level - $1500

  • 26 bi-weekly customized coaching sessions
  • Full Access to “All About The Business” video series  (25 videos)
  • Annual membership Success Accelerator
  • Copy of Mane Attraction

Business coaching is essential. There are plenty of people to develop the skills of stylist, but our goal is to equip stylist with strategies for success in the business of beauty.


Kaye Flewellen is a Baylor University graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications/Public Relations, Salon Owner, Stylist, Community Activist and Motivational Speaker. Building on her stellar career in the hair care industry, Kaye uses her respect in the beauty industry as a door opener to motivate others not to settle on pretty, rather to use inner beauty to transform the world. She combines her  faith with business experience and life lessons to inspire and motivate others to maximize their potential. 

Having written her freshman book, A Mane Attraction: A Go-To guide for healthy hair, producing award wining styles and articles for national hair magazine publications and worked as a Certified Educator for several hair care companies; Kaye now brings her God-given gifts, writing abilities, business savvy, community service, and personal inspiration to one stage. As a Speaker, she renders a compelling, high-energy presentation motivating audiences to take proactive steps to improve their lives, engage with or set new personal and professional goals, and become positive forces for change within their communities. Kaye employs a personal, hands-on approach with her audience, and her transparency renders her easily relatable to diverse audiences.

She has partnered with Assist U2 Win, a certified John  Maxwell Coaches Training program. It is a connecting place for winners. This partnership further equips her to coach, train, motivate and inspire others to unleash their full potential. Her commitment is to lead and assist Stylists to a lifelong sustainable career while equipping then with tools that extend far beyond the Chair.

Kaye partnered with the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC), to educate stylists on AIDS awareness and prevention. She worked in collaboration with The City of Dallas, and UT Southwestern Dallas to launch FADE OUT HIV, a HIV awareness and prevention initiative to train barbers and stylists in Black communities to be an awareness and prevention resource. Baylor University recognized her as one of their distinguished alumni for her philanthropic efforts both in her community and abroad. 

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